Photo: Manikanta, New Indian Express

40 feet containers that had scrap tires inside have been left at the container depot in Hyderabad and no one has been trying to claim ownership since 2015.

The customs officials have not provided the left scrap tires with authorization license. As these containers failed to meet the norms of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), and it was decided that the tires would not be shipped.

The batch of tires was delivered by a rubber recycling facility from Mahbubnagar – the owner of the containers and it has been involved in scrap rubber tires import for quite a lengthy period of time, revealed the local authorities.

Yet, the officials anticipate that the owner plans to sell tires to other dealers, and this step will pose environmental and human health threats.

According to the customs department, the shipped containers had been imported twice – in 2015 and in 2017, and it was done by one trader, who neglected the regulation of the Directorate-General of Foreign Trade that prohibits scrap rubber imports.

Nevertheless, some experts believe that tires had been sent to India, as some developed states have extremely harsh environmental regulations.

The officials reveal that such exports sometimes lead to illegal use of tires and they can be dangerous, as they may result in road accidents, especially when the tires are used during the improper weather conditions. For instance, a tire may burst if humidity is high.

To provide ultimate safety, it is important to pay attention to tire’s surface if it is planned to be imported – there should be cut on the treading on the surface and the tube must be absolutely undamaged.

The officials are trying to win attention of the executive agencies, as the ministry of environment has already made some efforts to standardize the industry.

Article by New Indian Express