Aliapur – a waste tire management company from France – reports that it collected over 334,597 tons of used tires, i.e. some 44.2 million car tires in 2016!

Collection volumes reached summit in June and added up to 30,700 tons (some 4 million car tires), Aliapur notes. The peak was reached in particular due to increasing number of drivers changing tires ahead of the holiday season. 

According to Aliapur, it is the second time the company exceeds 30,000-ton mark. The last time it happened was in October 2014 and back then 30,200 tons of used tires were collected in France.

Apart from that, Aliapur pinpoints that during the first two months of 2017, 59,564 tons of end-of-life tires were collected. In February, 28,382 tons were collected (equivalent to 3.75 million car tires).

Article source: European Rubber Journal