This May, MSCA fellowship programme Sustainable Pavement & Railway Initial Training Network – SUP&R ITN ( released a new video, where they successfully summarize 4 years of training-through-research programme and give the general public an overview of their achievements in creation of more sustainable pavements and railways infrastructures. Restructured and refreshed website was also published, giving easier access to the project outcomes and better insight in work that fellows carried out through this 4 years.

SUP&R ITN project started back in 2013, supported by European Commission, with a goal to create a new generation of professionals, to help answer essential questions such as preservation of our environment and sustainability assessment through conceiving, planning and executing sustainable road and railway infrastructures.

Multidisciplinary and international consortium, led by The University of Nottingham, was created in order to give the team of 16 researchers foundation and support in resolving these problems, but most importantly in self and career development, helping them to gain technical expertise alongside communication and networking skills to spread the message of sustainable pavements and railways worldwide.

Range of problems that are affecting modern transport industry has been tackled. Such as defining a design procedure for airport pavements and developing an environmentally friendly bitumen emulsion, while seeing if combining it with a high-rate of recycling would affect durability. Meanwhile, two other studies investigated the successful re-using of end-of-life tyres and biomass within pavement. In railways they investigated combining low temperature asphalt with recycled materials to create sustainable trackbed sub-layers and reducing maintenance needs through ballast stabilisation with bitumen, improving track monitoring by using vehicle responses to detect track damage or through geophysical methods. Finally, they investigated the definition of sustainability itself, engaging the whole consortium to create a freely available tool for the sustainability assessment of any system.

SUP&R ITN fellows are taking their PhDs to an end, across the various European universities, ready for new challenges in their careers. Visit, and get informed how you can be one of them, and take your personal and professional development to the next level.