In the end of November, Ghana’s president John Mahama commissioned the construction of a state-of-the-art recycling recycling facility in Accra, Ghana. The project is to deal with vast accumulations of end-of-life tires, used refrigeration systems and e-waste in Ghana.

The first phase of construction will cover recycling of electronic and electrical waste and convert used goods into new valuable products through an environment-friendly process. The first phase of financing is estimated at some USD 30 million. According to Francis Bullen Gavor, project coordinator, it will take around 12 months to complete the construction of the recycling facility.

The e-waste recycling program is expected to create some 400,000 jobs across the entire country, says Gavor. He added, that this was not a one-time job but a sustainable employment for young men and women undertaking that type of business. Also, to recycle used electronics in a more professional manner, new recycling technologies and techniques are being applied in the project. Gavor also claims that the initiative is going to be the first large-scale e-waste recycling project in Africa. It is due to the fact that the program will target not only e-waste, but a combination of tire recycling, recycling of refrigeration systems and electronic waste.

Due to the lack of full-fledged recycling systems, nowadays garbage sorters in Ghana burn the waste. Moreover, Ghana is notoriously known as the biggest e-waste dumpsite in the world and one of the most polluted places on Earth.

Currently, scrap dealers and garbage sorters burn tires and the rest of the waste at what has become known as the biggest e-waste dumpsite in the world and one of the most polluted places on earth.

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