Image: Carbon Clean Tech

Edge Rubber is a rubber recycling company from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. recently, it reopened under new ownership after filing for bankruptcy protection late last year.

The reason the company had to close down were it’s numerous financial difficulties. However, the past fall investment company Anzu Partners, located in Washington, purchased the property at a Sheriff’s sale past fall. After the acquisition, the local management staff remained the same. The good news is that the production resumed withing three weeks after acquisition. Sam Kauffman, the former vice president and chief operating officer of Edge Rubber, has been named the CEO of the company. According to Kauffman, the equipment was kept in a good condition, which enable to resume production swiftly. Now, at full capacity Edge Rubber expects to produce some 50 million pounds of crumb rubber per year.

Kauffman points out that, since the acquisition, the company made one important strategic change. Before the acquisition, it operated two facilities – one facility shredded tires, the other grinded shreds into crumb rubber products. Under the new ownership, Edge Rubber brought both sides of recycling together under one facility, which conprises a 30,000-square-foot building.

Kaufmann says the team is excited to see customers returning to the company with its renewed commitment to serve clients with the high-quality products. After reopening, the company employed more that 20 of its previous workers and managed to reestablish good commercial relationship with its former customers, who are now again purchase crumb rubber products from Edge Rubber.

Whitney Haring-Smith, part of the new ownership team from Anzu Partners, adds: “We are committed to growing Edge Rubber and delivering reliably for our customers.” Edge Rubber says its Chambersburg facility is the longest-standing facility producing fine rubber powder in U.S. The company says it is the only producer who uses its proprietary wet-grind technology to produce a fine grade product with special surface properties providing recycled content and performance enhancement for the automotive and other industries.

Article source: Recycling Today