Unsanctioned scrap tire dumping has now become a serious issue for Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, USA, as local activists say.

In the end of the last month, public of the city of Brownsville – part of the Valley – volunteered to collect waste tires after the city’s announcement that it was determined to take steps to get rid of the problem.

More than 40 areas of the Valley were targeted by residents where they could pick up no more than four tires each and get free legal disposal.

One of the residents in the southern part of Brownsville, Óscar Gutiérrez living close to accumulations of waste with tires being there as well, revealed that the waste has been kept at the area for months.

Local authorities noted that unsanctioned discarding of waste is frequent in Gutiérrez’s neighborhood.

According to city commissioner Jessica Tetreau Kalifa, the waste is a result of the actions of individuals who create the problem, but they don’t take responsibility and the issue becomes everyone’s pain.

She also noted that such problems occur on every-day basis and the residents of Brownsville are left with the negative aftermath.

Given non-biodegradable nature of tires, it makes them perfect place for mosquitos to breed, thus Zika virus may be transmitted.

The representative of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council, Ron Garza said that unsanctioned tire dumping seriously disrupts the costly projects used to tackle waste accumulation problem.

Gutiérrez explained that the waste emerges as people lack money to bring scrap tires to local collection centers, thus, they end up dumping tires in an illegal way, polluting the areas.

Article by Valley Central