robert weibold etraThe European Tyre Recycling Association held its yearly conference last week in Brussels. During the course of the Annual General Meeting, Ir. Andres Macho Jimenez, Ir. Wieslaw Waniowski and Robert Weibold were elected new Vice Presidents to the ETRA Board. In the following you will find a brief resume for each of them.

rob weibold etra 2Ir. Andres Macho Jimenez (Spain) has thirty-seven years of experience prior to his retirement in 2015. From 2001-2015 he was Technical adviser of the General Director of Environmental Quality and Assessment of the Ministry of The Environment of Spain. He was Director of the working Group to draw up and implement the Spanish Royal Decree 1619/2005 on management of post-consumer tyres, and on the management of waste.
Ir. Wieslaw Waniowski (Poland) is an Eng. M.Sc. Chemistry from Cracow University of Technology. He is Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Tebamix. In the past he was Manager of the Technology Department in “STOMIL-Wolbrom”. He has over 30 years of experience in the rubber industry, in the areas of rubber compounding and evaluating the quality of the output and to match its characteristics with the requirements and the demands from the market.

rob weibold etra 3Robert Weibold (Austria) is Founder and managing director of Robert Weibold GmbH. After graduation from the University of Business Administration and Economics in Vienna, Austria, he joined Sterz KEG Rohnstoffe in 1997. Two years later, he left and founded his own business of trading rubber granulate and powders in London, UK. The steady development of the company resulted in the establishment of a consulting division which renders services ranging from marketing, operations management and financial advisory services to management training- focused solely on the tyre recycling industry.

These candidates will join the current Board consisting of the following members:

Ettore Musacchi, President (Italy) innovative manufacturing
Dr.Valerie L.Shulman(France) Management, organisation, legislation
Dr.C.Gisele Jung (Belgium) pyrolysis technology
Ing. Jean-Paul Bouysset(France) Characterization market, devulcanisation
Ir. Andreu Gelpi Salat (Spain) granulate, rail civil engineering, construction
Ir. Costis Keridis (Greece) roads, rails, road resurfacing
Ir. Jacques Vervaet (Belgium) Alternative technology – Water jetting
Ir. Ken Jones (UK) programme development, training