A major upgrade for the rubber industry in Basilan, Philippines, is expected soon. Additionally, it is very probable that the motto “Dirty rubber of Basilan” will be substituted with a new catchy phrase “World’s best Basilan rubber”.

The governor of the province, Jim Hataman Salliman, introduced a new plan, which aims at establishing Crumb Rubber Processing and Marketing Enterprise to the Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP) under the Department of Agriculture. The proposal was submitted via Salliman’s Technical Working Team.

According to the governor’s concept, Crumb Rubber Processing and Marketing Enterprise will function as an economically independent establishment. In order to provide successful management, the establishment will create self-regulating multi-sectoral panel, which will be called Basilan Rubber Development Advisory Board (BaRDAB). This board will get the right to assign managers and hire other staff.

The day to day execution of the plan will be supervised by the business manager. The manager will have to deal with private businesses interested in rubber purchases. Thus, the manager will directly market the crumb rubber to them. In addition, the administrator’s responsibilities will include establishing markets abroad.

80% of small and medium provincial rubber agrarians will be able to take advantage of The Rubber Processing and Marketing Enterprise. Given that the plan was formed as an economic venture, the support service for the farmers will be using 30% of the net profit. In addition, Patronage Refund shall get 20% of the net profit.

Governor Salliman promises to enhance the rubber sector in Basilan. Some time ago, the province was regarded as the land where world’s famous global firms manufacturing rubber for tire production were based. Thanks to the assistance provided by Governor Salliman, Basilan can reclaim its status of a manufacturer of internationally competitive crumb rubber.

Article source: Zamboanga Times