Statistics claims that traffic noise affects some 125 million of people in Europe. A European initiative Life-Nereid came with a possible solution: it plans to introduce new rubberized asphalt produced from recycled tire rubber and recycled asphalt in Tuscany in order to investigate whether it will lead to noise reduction.

The project was introduced in Verona during the key Italian event for asphalt and pavement industry, Asphaltica. The project is led by the University of Pisa, including ARPA Tuscany and the Tuscany Region.

The World Health Organization has been consistently declaring that millions of people are in risk of severe health problems resulted by everyday exposure to extreme noise levels caused by traffic. Sound-absorbing rubberized asphalt can serve as one of the solutions, as it can absorb and thus significantly reduce the noise level. This type of asphalt is produced from crumb rubber introduced into bitumen and recycled asphalt formerly used on highways.

Funded by the European Union, the Nereid Life initiative was launched in order to test its strengths and features in September 2016. During the incentive, Tuscany will witness the construction of the new road surfaces.

Concerning the exposure to noise, the project is now aiming to provide tangible progress in people’s quality of life. Surveys of approximately 700 residents, who will face the impact of the initiative, will evaluate the anticipated improvement concerning noise reduction.

Article source: Tyre and Rubber Recycling