Scandinavian Enviro Systems – a Swedish innovator in pyrolysis machinery focused on recycled carbon black (rCB) production – is going to build a tire recycling plant for Chinese state-owned Vanlead Group.

Construction of the plant is going to start in 2017 in Guandong in southern China, as declared in Enviro’s statement from March 30. Notwithstanding, details of the project are still to be negotiated between Enviro and Vanlead Group.

According to the Swedish company, Vanlead is the biggest tire manufacturing group located in the south of China. For instance, it manufactures brands such as Diamond Tire and Wanli Tire.

Enviro asserts that the facility will be capable of handling some 30,000 tons of tires per annum and will further supply different production units of Vanlead throughout China.

Recycled carbon black produced by the Swedish equipment is supposed to be “used in Vanlead’s tire production on a massive scale,” explains Thomas Sörensson, Enviro’s CEO. The first plant is currently being developed. Sörensson adds that the plant will have the basic design – the same that was developed in Sweden with the engineering group ÅF. Sörensson says that there is a great awareness in China – the world’s largest market for rubber, tires and carbon black – that raw materials in the country are limited. He asserts that the state-owned Vanlead is among the first wave of companies which exhibit such a high level of ambition.

Article source: European Rubber Journal