“Le Poete” by Mick Davis, inspired by Rodin’s sculpture “The Thinker”

Irish sculptor Mick Davis who lives in County Kerry used to work primarily with stone. Mick is an enthusiastic cyclist who is aware of the issue of disposing of used tires. In April 2014, Mick commenced experimenting making sculptures from old bicycle tires. His work had a clear objective – to emphasize the important environmental problem of Recycling, by turning solid waste into pieces of Art.

He studied art at the College of Marketing and Design, in Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Having an interest in the aesthetics of the human shape, Mick set his foot on a path of sculpture. Up until April 2014, the sculptor worked primarily with stone creating abstract pieces and portraits which now can be found in different private collections throughout the entire world.


Sculpture of Einstein

Throughout his entire life, Mick’s artwork hinged on an exploration of the human form and strived for classical elegance. Using tires as an original medium, Mick Davis follows a classical style combined with a contemporary take, which facilitates a broad appreciation of his unique form of art. Since the sculptor began working with the new material, three exhibitions of Recycled Tire Sculpture took place in 2014 —2015. Also, his artwork was demonstrated at the Society of Portrait Sculptors Exhibition in Pall Mall, London on May 18th- 23rd, 2015.

Recycled tire sculptures by Mick Davis

Sculpture of Rodin

Sculpture from used tires is a unique art form which Mick Davis created his own and which is becoming overwhelmingly popular. Mick uses a vast array of different tires; durability and high flexibility of the tires play a meaningful role in his work. Through his sculpture, Mick hopes to expose a different way of thinking when it comes to tire recycling.

To see more works of Mick Davis, please visit his website.