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Tire Recycling Lines

Full tire recycling line is capable of transforming waste tires into crumb rubber and fine rubber powder.

Tire Shredders

Equipment for TDF, rubber mulch, etc. Primary shredder is integral part of any tire recycling line.

Tire Granulators

Tire rubber granulator or secondary shredder is used for crumb rubber production.

Cracker Mills for Rubber

Fine mill enables to grind crumb rubber into super-fine rubber powder adding value to the material.

Tire Steel Separators

Good steel separator ensures high quality of crumb rubber and rubber powder, increasing their usability.

Tire Fiber Separators

The less is the fiber content in crumb rubber or powder, the higher their value and applicability in industry.

Tire Debeaders

To save on shredder maintenance and prolong blades life, one needs equipment to extract steel cord.

Tire Cutters and Shears

To recycle large truck tires and OTR tires, one needs to cut them to make sure they fit into primary shredder.

Tire Pyrolysis Lines

Tire recyclers who opt for carbon black and fuel oil production need to find reliable pyrolysis equipment.

Fuel oil Refineries

To purify tire-derived fuel oil and ensure standard quality, small refinery and auxiliary equipment is needed.


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Publish your used equipment offers on our website and take advantage of our 9,500+ newsletter subscribers and more than 30,000 followers interested in tire recycling!

Waste Tire Balers

Tire balers are used at collection sites to reduce tire volume. This enables haulers to deliver more feedstock.

Molding Equipment

To produce rubber tiles, playground mats, noise barriers and other goods, one needs to invest in molding line.  

Coloring Lines

The equipment is designed to color wireless chips and crumb rubber for outdoor products.

Briquetting Presses

This machinery compresses scrap metal into briquettes which enables to easily sell the product.

Packaging Lines

Bagging stations are used to pack crumb rubber and rubber powder for further shipping. 

Control panels

Control systems monitor processing stations and track individual equipment performance.


Conveyor belts deliver waste tire input into shredders and convey the material to further stations.

Hydraulic Cranes

One uses cranes to move heavy parts of tire recycling equipment or deal with waste tire bales.  


Tire haulers, collectors and recyclers use grapples to load and unload trucks shipping waste tires.

Laboratory equipment

Tire recyclers producing high-end goods care of quality assurance. Good laboratory opens new opportunities.  


Equipment for sale: Rubber tile presses

Add value to your tire recycling line with two tile press machines. With these machines, you will be able to produce molded goods from rubber for various applications. Equipment offered: Press with mold size 50*50 cm Press with mold size 60*60 cm Equipment...

Equipment for Sale: Crumb rubber production line

A used crumb rubber production line is now available for sale! The line includes the following machines: Twin-shaft tire shredder (45Kw*2) Primary granulator (90KW) ­ 2pcs Secondary granulator (75KW) ­ 2pcs Vibration tables with electric magnets ­ 2pcs...


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