Photo: AZDOT

Seven rubber-modified asphalt road development initiatives will receive funding of $445,000 from the state of Kentucky, US.

According to the Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC), it has teamed up with the Kentucky Division of Waste Management and now provides the funds for the initiatives that will be implemented in counties Adair, Bracken, Green, Hart, Jefferson, Marion and Taylor.

In total, 12 candidates competed for the funds. Initially, it was announced that only five projects would receive sponsorship provided by the EEC.

The money will be used by seven counties in its efforts to use chip seal or asphalt overlay on roads.

According to the EEC, chip seal can provide treatment for roads and will help them to serve for extra eight years, whereas asphalt overlay is capable of extending their service up to 10 years.

Earlier in May, the EEC has allocated funds for initiatives working on landscaping and surfacing projects that rely on recycled scrap tires with the most significant grant of $95,600 handed to Fischer Family Park in the City of Somerset where playgrounds are to be developed.

Article by Tire Business