“Nike Grind” – shoe sole recycling program

Corporate business environment usually contradicts concept of sustainability and it becomes hard to incorporate it on the large scale basis. Companies should create sustainable products and establish complex recycling systems on the grounds of moral obligations. Contrary to this conundrum in the design and manufacturing world, efforts to better the world in a production context do still exist.

In order to properly deal with various types of hazardous waste, including rubber and e-waste, it usually takes expensive systems which can be backed by public or corporate institutions.

What are some great examples of corporations working to reduce waste and create sustainable systems? One of numerous interesting benchmarks in the industry today is Nike’s “Re-Grind” program.

Nike Grind is one of the early examples of a truly cohesive established recycling system. Started in 1993, the program was created as a way to “eliminate waste and close the loop on Nike’s product lifecycle“. Using a ‘slice-and-grind’ technique, recycled Nike shoes are cut into three distinct pieces according to material (rubber outsole, foam midsole, fiber upper) and then finally ground into fine material to create synthetic turf for soccer fields, tennis courts, etc.

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Article source: core77.com