South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs is currently considering four scrap tire management plans to substitute for the closed tire recycling program, REDISA.

As reported by African News Agency, the minister of Environmental Affairs Edna Molewa says that “the broad policy direction is to reduce the environmental externalities associated with waste tyres by diverting waste tyres away from landfill and maximizing the value extracted from waste tyres as a resource by encouraging reuse, recycling and [conversion of] waste to energy.”

Currently, the minister is gathering public opinion on proposed scrap tire management plans. Edna Molewa is expecting to see public views on estimated costs of programs, their impacts and creation of jobs in the field of tire recycling.

Through four proposed scrap tire management programs, Department of Environmental Affairs seeks to promote the establishment of small, medium and micro enterprises in the field of tire recycling and aims to help new entrants come into this market.

Edna Molewa, Environmental Affairs Minister. Photo: IOL

The Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa reports that earlier the Minister has followed the requisite prescripts regarding the public consultation process and after considering the previous comments and inputs received, published the final call to industry for the preparation and submission of the Industry Waste Management Plans on 30 October 2017. The due date for the submission of the plans was 31 December 2017.

As a result, the Department of Environmental Affairs is now inviting all stakeholders across South Africa to consultation workshops regarding four scrap tire management plans. The workshops are going to take place as follows:

  1. KwaZulu-Natal – May 18
  2. Gauteng – May 21
  3. Western Cape – May 23
  4. Free State – May 24
  5. Limpopo – May 30
  6. North-West – May 31
  7. Eastern Cape – June 4

Times and venues of the consultation workshops are to be announced by the Department of Environmental Affairs.

To learn more, please see the official invitation or contact the Deparment of Enviromental Affairs by email or