Omni United’s Timberland Tires brand has won the WGSN Futures Award in the category of Sustainable Design.

Timberland Tires, a collaboration between Omni United and global lifestyle brand Timberland, is the first tire brand purposely designed and created for a second life – when the tread wears out, the tire lives on to one day be recycled into Timberland shoes. The tiremaker has worked with Liberty Tire Recycling to establish an industry-first tire return/chain of custody process to ensure the tires go directly to dedicated North American recycling facilities to begin their path toward a second life as part of a Timberland product, Omni said.


“Winning this prestigious award is an honor for all of us that have been involved in this innovative project that is Timberland Tires,” said GS Sareen, founder and CEO of Omni United. “It is a great recognition of our approach to build our business based on unconventional ideas and ways to do things. What makes it even more special is that it coincides with the first anniversary of the consumer launch of Timberland Tires in the United States.”

Timberland Tires

Contenders for the award included Levi’s and other sustainability-driven fashion brands and retailers.

WGSN is a trend forecast consulting firm serving the fashion and creative industries. The WGSN Futures Awards recognize businesses who have done the most to push the boundaries of the international fashion market, and span 14 categories covering core segments of the industry: design, retail, marketing and digital.

Article source: Tire Review Magazine

Images: Timberland Tires

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