Recycled rubber and synthetic turf industry members announced a cooperation plan to ensure all playground and synthetic turf infills correspond with new standards introduced by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The standards are designed to measure the content of heavy metals to further guarantee safety for youth athletes.

ASTM International is responsible for establishing standards across the industry for a range of materials, also including all toys in USA. After the announcement, all synthetic turf field and playground infill produced and exploited by members of the Recycled Rubber Council, Safe Fields Alliance and Synthetic Turf Council oblige to comply with the new standard “F3188-16”, the Standard Specification for Extractable Hazardous Metals in Synthetic Turf Infill Materials.

Steve Bigelow, president of the Recycled Rubber Council in Falls Church, Virginia, asserts that the industry is commited to take proactive steps to promote ongoing testing procedures conducted by the federal government in order to reassure policymakers and parents that it poses absolutely no threat for children to play on surfaces with crumb rubber infill. Recycled Rubber Council chose to voluntarily take such actions to announce their commitment to youth safety. Thus, the organization welcomes all further scientific tests and collaboration to achieve this goal.

Rom Reddy, managing partner of Sprinturf, an integrated polyethylene turf company headquartered in Atlanta, says that the announcement reinforces industry’s commitment to transparency and safety. Sprinturf also supports the current federal multiagency study.

At the same time, Reddy adds that it’s important to reaffirm that based on numerous scientific reports, academic researches and state government analyses conducted before, crumb rubber infill poses no threat to human health and incurs no health issues. Reddy hopes that the current research will go one step further towards persuading the public in an absolute safety of recycled rubber.

Daniel Bond, president and CEO of the Synthetic Turf Council in Forest Hill, Maryland, claims that even when F3188-16 is added to the industry guidelines for infill, his organization will keep adopting safety standards in the use of their products. The organization is commited to keep apace with ever-evoling standards to ensure consumers’ health safety.

Article source: Recycling Today