Ohio, Texas and New Jersey introduced new motorist safety legislation that would safeguard drivers from potentially unsafe used tires. This may result in increased number of used tires sent for recycling. The attempts are backed by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA). Anne Forristall Luke, CEO and the president of RMA, elaborated on promotion of the legislation to safeguard drivers. Reportedly, it would decrease the threat caused by uninspected and unsafe used tires. Currently, RMA is very emboldened by the progress in three states.

Ohio: on May 9, the House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee adopted HB 42 bill. The legislation forbids installing any unsafe used tires (e.g. severely damaged or worn out). As the next step, the bill awaits voting by the full House. SB 68, a Senate accompanying legislation, is subject to an ultimate hearing in the Veterans Affairs Committee, Public Safety and Senate Local Government.

Texas: on May 4, HB 2774 passed the Texas House. A bill forbids mounting on vehicles damaged or poorly repaired used tires. To qualify, tires should fulfill conditions adopted by the annual vehicle safety inspection program in Texas. On May 17, the bill awaits hearing by the Senate Transportation Committee.

New Jersey: The bill 3896 went through the Assembly yet in November. On May 15, the bill’s (S 2790) hearing is scheduled by the Senate Commerce. The New Jersey laws define unsafe used tires in the same way to Ohio bill and would prevent further sales of such tires.

Among other backers of the legislation are: American Property Casualty Insurance Association, the Ohio Tire and Auto Association, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, AAA, the Ohio Manufacturers Association and the Tire Industry Association in Ohio. The legislation in New Jersey is supported by the New Jersey Gasoline, TIA, Convenience Store and Auto Association. In Texas, the bill is backed by AAA.

According to Anne Forristall Luke, it was remarkable progress by industry to promote consumer safety. RMA appreciates contributions of the law sponsors for their leadership and thanks stakeholders in each state for their commitment to develop important safety measures.

Article source: Tire Review