One of key success factors in running a tire recycling plant is the team. Weibold keeps in touch with numerous talented professionals around the world, ranging from experts in designing tire recycling machinery to “gurus” of rubber molding and sales wizards.


Are you looking for experienced professionals for your tire recycling business? We will find very special people for the very special industry! 

Weibold knows all ins and outs of team building for tire recycling and pyrolysis projects. Our business network includes professionals worldwide. Take your chance to approach highly qualified professionals!

Plant Managers

Experienced plant managers ensure safe and economic operation of your tire recycling facility, minimum down time during equipment maintenance and proper oversight of your production process.

Production Engineers

Quality of recycled tire rubber and end-products needs to be measured on regular basis to meet high standards. Production engineers help your business maintain quality of goods and materials on the level.

Machinery Operators

Chores and routine of everyday production are the domain of machinery operators. Make sure your staff operates safely and has sufficient training to operate tire recycling equipment.

Chemical Engineers

Once you go beyond crumb rubber production and opt for complex rubber blends, TPE, rubber-modified bitumen, oil or other goods, skilled chemical engineers will become integral part of your company.

Laboratory Staff

Product development isn’t an easy task and requires continuous research, testing and improvement. For this reason, laboratory staff becomes essential component of your team once you start innovating.

R&D Experts

Turning to research and development experts in the field of recycled rubber enables you to develop new products, explore nascent markets, add more value to your goods and materials and even partner up with industry giants.

Sales Staff

Tire recycling sales staff constantly follows market updates and monitors changing business environment. It tests and applies efficient sales strategies to achieve goals and boost your business.

Marketing Staff

When entering market with a new product, attractive design and proper company image need to be created, right audience should be targeted and wise marketing strategies should be pursued.

Business Development

In tire recycling, it is crucial to design right development strategy and adhere to its principles. Business development specialists set up a robust system that ensures enforcement of your long-term goals.

IT Support

Whether the website maintenance, CRM setup or adoption of new software for your tire recycling equipment, your team inevitably needs IT support staff. Weibold can link you to qualified specialists working in the industry.


Are you a skilled professional seeking for a job in tire recycling or related industry?

Weibold has a vast reach within tire- and rubber-related industries. We can link you to numerous companies ranging from equipment manufacturers to R&D bodies. 

Tire Recycling Equipment

Equipment manufacturers throughout tire recycling industry are looking for skilled engineers who can support them in designing, assembling and maintaining equipment.

Tire Manufacturing

Tire producers value high-skilled chemists and engineers who can engage in testing, product design, automation and introduce circular economy concepts. 

Extruded and Molded Goods From Rubber

The field offers opportunities to molding experts. Rubber powder and crumb rubber find ever more use in molded goods, including rubber tiles, traffic safety equipment, etc.

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

TPE is one of the most promising fields for super-fine rubber powder. Technologies advance and high-skilled chemists and researchers are of high demand in TPE sector.

Recycled Carbon Black

High-quality recycled carbon black is of high demand in many industries. Purification specialists, chemists and engineers are wanted for quality assurance and product development.

Pyrolysis Oil

Fuel oil derived from end-of-life tires may be used in vehicular and stationary engines. Petroleum engineers and chemists are needed to enhance fuel oil’s properties.

Superficial Modification

Devulcanization or superficial modification of rubber powder makes the material more applicable for numerous industries, e.g. rubberized coatings, adhesives or bitumen. 

Rubberized Asphalt

Skilled engineers and researchers are of high demand by contractors. Rubberized asphalt is becoming more popular around the world, and yet many advances are ahead. 

Civil Engineering

Fiber-reinforced concrete, sound insulation, TPE, road fillers, railroad ties, rubber mulch and yet dozens of products successfully use crumb rubber and fine rubber powder. 

R&D Institutions

Research and development experts in the field of recycled rubber work to develop new products, explore nascent markets, add more value to rubber goods and materials, etc.


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