In our article earlier this year, we told about Trec Art – a Colombian company aiming at improving environment and life quality of communities in Colombia through art, culture, innovative pedagogy. Trec Art is part of Colombian organizations that work towards the recovery of public spaces called IE CHO (the good path in native Muisca language).

Composed of young people aiming at supporting communities through environmental pedagogy at a local, national and international level, the team promotes social change and the betterment of spaces, fomenting social economy, human rights and pedagogy and practice as a transversal axis. They believe in art and culture as powerful tools for sustainable change and the betterment of public spaces a key factor in the construction of a healthy social fabric.

Projects of Trec Art are carried out in Bogota. The organization is focused at transformation of solid waste, primarily end-of-life tires (ELT), into publicly accessible utilities which are simultaneously pieces of art. The organization hopes to generate a greater impact on the environment, on the conscience and culture of people.

More information on Trec Art is available at it’s Facebook Page. Team members also informed us that a website is under construction and is going to be launched soon.

Nit. 900.888.662-1
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Juan David Carrillo Pinzón
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