estonia tire recyclingThe car tire recycling organization Eesti Rehviliit is planning to temporarily stop accepting used tires at all its recycling points across Estonia, because the present recycling fee of 55 to 75 euros per ton does not enable to recycle tires in a sustainable manner (has been reported by the international magazine The Baltic Course)

The manager of Eesti Rehviliit, Kaur Kuurme, has said that the tire changing season this spring has put recyclers before the fact that it is no longer possible to go on with the present arrangement.

“With the present recycling fee, which is 55-75 euros per ton, it is not possible to recycle tires in a sustainable manner. Sustainable recycling solutions would require a price level of at least 150 euros a ton,” Kuurme has said.

Marek Moorus, who is the manager of the Rehvid24 tire selling portal, has said that a price rise would put the competitiveness of Estonian tire sellers at risk.

“While a price rise would be inevitable if the recycling fee is raised, it could be done only if the same recycling fee applied to all the companies that are active on the market, including the so-called grey sector that pays no recycling fee at all,” Moorus has stated.

Kuurme meanwhile has said that Eesti Rehviliit, also the importers that are its members, as well as representatives of the authorities are all in favor of a price rise.

“The only thing preventing a price hike is unhealthy competition with Rehviringlus. There are two recycling organizations in Estonia, one of which collects and recycles used tires and the other only collects. Understandably, recycling of tires is several times more expensive than just piling them into heaps,” he has also said.

Municipalities and individuals in Estonia can still leave their scrap tires at the collecting points of Rehviringlus.

Article source: The Baltic Course