Today, some American states have vast end-of-life tire accumulations, and government provides stimuli for tire recycling businesses to help stabilize environmental situation. Colorado is one of the states where a grant program became available for tire recycling companies who are willing to expand their capacities.

Colorado is referred to as the state with the largest scrap tire accumulations. Till April 30, 2017, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is looking forward to receive proposals for the development and expansion of scrap tire markets in the state. The initiative is sponsored by the Colorado Market Development Fund.

The Department is searching innovative projects which can augment the market size of tire-derived goods in Colorado and adjacent regions. Grant funding will be available for the following initiatives:

  • To assist in the testing and/or research and development of new and existing waste tire recycling technologies, applications and products;
  • To assist in the incorporation of tire-derived materials, including ground rubber, tire-derived aggregate, and tire-derived fuel into one or more tire-derived products, or applications; and
  • To have testing conducted by an independent lab, (laboratory or testing facility associated with) Institutes of Higher Education, or other accredited facility on newly developed tire-derived products.

Please visit CDPHE’s website for further information. Any project approved must be completed by December 15, 2017.

You must be located or operating in Colorado to apply.

To apply for a grant, please also contact Brian Gaboriau at +1 303 692 2097