Kansas KDHE announces waste tire grants

The winners of the 2017 Green School Grants have been chosen and waste tire recycling grants have been announced by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and Bureau of Waste Management (BWM). The grants are normally received by municipalities and school districts all over Kansas; this year, the total sum of the grants is estimated to be more than $513,000.

In total, $117,283 have been awarded as part of the Green Schools Grants from the BWM this year. They have been provided to 31 schools of Kansas in 2017; the sums of each award range from $300 up to $4,500. The money will be used during 2017-2018 by schools to sponsor compost initiatives for cafeteria waste, recycling bins, re-usable water bottles and field trips to community processing centers.

The total sum of the waste tire recycling grant amounts to more than $396,000. It will partly provide sponsorship for secure surfacing at playgrounds, benches and picnic tables produced from used tire rubber.

In 2017, the winners all over Kansas received 42 waste tire recycling grants, ranging from $419 to $130, 763. The funding of grants was possible due to a 25-cent tax, which was included in the price of new tires.

Companies used grants to utilize recycled tire material in applications such as rubber mulch, picnic tables and rubber benches, rubberized tracks, pour-in-place rubber surfacing, etc.

Tire recycling grants awarded in Nebraska

To back 100 tire recycling and clean-up initiatives all over Nebraska, including its central part, the state is providing a $1.71 million grant to local businesses; the initiative is backed by the Director of Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Jim Macy.

The funds to carry out community scrap tire collection will be provided by the grant, so that local tire cleanup actions could become more effective.

DEQ’s representative said that this money will be able to compensate schools’ and organizations’ expenses for synthetic turf and running tracks.

Some of the most significant amounts were given to the East and West Districts of Bellevue Public Schools, with one being $100,105 and the other amounting to $100,505.

Scrap tire grants by EPA in Ohio

$1 million is being provided to fund scrap tire grants for four projects by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA).

The Lorain County Solid Waste Management District has given a grant totaled at $350,000 to support Full Circle Technologies – a company, specialized in recycling scrap tires into Ecophalt, which is a devulcanized rubber pellet used in a liquid asphalt.

Potential sites for Full Circle Technologies’ factory are now being searched for together with Lorain County Community Development Department. County administration revealed that it has been collaborating with Full Circle for over a year, helping them looking for sponsorship and pilot projects developments, which could exhibit the benefits of the additive.

Grants for road repair programs in California

A $2.3 million grant, which will fund road repair programs, has been approved by the California Department for Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). The repair projects use recycled tires and will be held in 20 communities all over California. In order to create safer, less noisy and more resilient road surfaces, these initiatives will utilize rubberized pavement, a blend of ground waste tire rubber and conventional paving elements.

The Rubberized Pavement Repair is responsible for the funds provision; the program focuses on two kinds of road repair initiatives: rubberized chip seal and rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC). The first one is less costly and is more suitable for development of low-traffic highways.

Source: Scrap Tire News