Leaders of the Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) and National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) are warning that tire recycling costs are increasing at an alarming rate across Great Britain. The associations assert that the increases are being driven by a mixture of regulatory changes and new market conditions. This leads to reprocessors and professional used tire collectors encountering rather challenging times.

Peter Taylor, secretary general of the TRA says: “Not only we face increased operating and fuel costs, added to which is the latest increase in the minimum wage but these are just aspect of the upward cost pressures that we experience.”

“We, the same as other automotive waste streams, encounter extremely significant costs which stem from new fire security guidelines introduced by the Environment Agency. They reduce capacity in various ways and exert further pressure on costs which will all have to be passed on,” Mr. Taylor says.

Members of TRA who account for over 70% of all used tires collected in Great Britain, are also hit by a plummeted demand for tire-derived fuel (TDF) in Asian export markets and elsewhere due to a four-fold rise in shipping costs.

Also, Taylor commented: “We warned of these adverse factors for some time and now these factors are hitting us all at once.”

NTDA’s chief executive Stefan Hay urged tire distributors to avoid falling into the trap of using rogue collectors, many of whom will operate, often in breach of and therefore illegally, under current S2 exemptions. Hi says: “The NTDA recommends its members and other tire businesses to invest in the future and only use members of our industry partner body the TRA who have been audited by the TIF Responsible Recycler Scheme.” Failure to do so will not only undermine the current collection infrastructure, but could also have a devastating long term impact on end of life tire collection in the UK.”

Article source: European Rubber Journal