Tire recycling in Vietnam

In Hoa Binh Village, Quang Ngai province of Vietnam, local handymen find a new life for massive accumulations of end-of-life tires. In this village, piles of car and truck tires are ubiquitously spread around sidewalks along the roads. There are some 400 households which add up to the population of 1300 people, and most of them earn their livelihood recycling tires.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nam asserts that tire recycling became a job in Hoa Binh village since the times of the war against U.S. At the time, footwear for soldiers was made of tire rubber. Nowadays, the village produces a variety of goods from the same tire tread, e.g. rubber bands, pig troughs, etc.

As there is almost no shredding equipment,Tire recycling in Vietnam production relies on manpower, where brawn and force are the main tools to disassemble different parts of tires. First, a lever is used to soften the tires and only then the tread can be extracted. Mr. Nguyen Van Nam, who has over 20 years of experience, asserts a good health is needed to be in business at every turn. This business yields good income to Nam’s Family. Each employee who works with Nam recycles 300 to 350 tires per month, whereas the tools are kept the simplest possible.

Article source: Vietnam Breaking News