PIT is used in electric arc furnace for steelmaking

PIT is used in electric arc furnace for steelmaking

The article by Scrap Tire News shows how used tires can be applied in yet another field which doesn’t relate to consumer goods or rubber industry. Indo-Australian scientist develops a technology to replace coal and coke in India’s steelmaking, which yields one more opportunity to use tire-derived fuel in industry.

Veena Sahajwalla, director of the Center for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (University of New South Wales in Australia) developed a special Polymer Injection Technology (PIT) which utilizes tires to replace coke and coal in steelmaking. The inventor delivered a speech about peculiarities of his technology at the Scrap Recycling Conference: Emerging Markets in India.

PIT technology, according to the inventor, introduces a modification a modification into the conventional steel manufacturing process. The technology prescribes a precise control of the tire granules injection into an electric arc furnace (EAF) for steelmaking. Thus, the system replaces non-renewable coke.

Tire rubber, the same as coke, is a profoundly good source of hydrocarbons, which means that they can be transformed during steelmaking in EAF.

New South Wales University researched the replacement technology for years and, today, it is being used to transform tires into high quality steel in Australia.

Article source: Scrap Tire News