M-ClawII-s-1The Houston-based tire company TreadWright has released new Claw II MT Series Tires geared toward the off-road market. The new tires for mud terrain combine the company’s green manufacturing process with a special mud-terrain tread pattern, which delivers greater performance on many of the more difficult off-road terrain.

The TreadWright tires are manufactured with 70-percent-recycled content, including the premium brand tire structures. By using remolding, the company applies full-grade truck rubber to its tire structure, resulting in the Claw II tires achieving the same mileage as most premium original equipment, light truck and SUV tires.

Moreover, each Claw II MT series tire is produced using 65 percent less oil than standard tires.

“This is our most aggressive and rugged mud terrain tire yet,” said Anthony Showen, TreadWright’s CEO. “Our new Claw II series delivers great performance and value and we’re also proud of the Claw II’s environmentally friendly manufacturing process, which may be the greenest in the US.”

Article source: Recycling Today