Bridgestone tires during the process of manufacturing. Photo:

South Carolina named two winners of its Environmental Excellence Program in Nashville, Tennessee – the light truck (PSR) tire plant and the off-road tire facility, both representing Bridgestone.

The first facility ran a tire recycling initiative allowing the facility to have a 100% recycling rate for the waste stored at the facility, whereas the second plant-winner succeeded in collecting rainwater that enabled the facility to rely significantly less on conventional water provisional technologies.

The facilities were launched following the initiative that promoted recycling, resource and energy conservation, Bridgestone stated.

Currently, the plants-winners are involved in special green educational initiative run by the Bridgestone that raise awareness about environmental issues. In addition, Bridgestone has learning units that many students attend annually.

The state Excellence Program carried out by South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control was launched with an aim to identify and assist plants that successfully prevent environment contamination and follow principles of sustainability and circular economy.

According to representative of the department, both program’s winners share environment-friendly values.

Article by Rubber News