Photo: Tyre Press

The Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) from UK has presented Responsible Retailing project that provides assistance to businesses and the whole tire industry in informing clients about tire recycling.

The initiative provides a set of information in the form of leaflets, infographics and posters, which can be exhibited at members’ premises. All media can be available for download at a new website As stated by the TRA, the provided information is to help clients become aware of proper tire handling and that it is carried out by accountable retailers in accordance with appropriate standards.

In addition, the materials on the website emphasize the industry’s duties and the ways in which the proper recycling of used tires can diminish the negative effects on environment and benefit the economy – all at the same time. According to Peter Taylor, secretary general of the TRA, clients can learn how important tire recycling is and how negligibly small environmental fees for tire replacement are used by tire recycling industry to improve environment.