After Tyre Stewardship Australia’s (TSA) decision to authorize extra 1500 tire retailers, JAX Tyres has managed to become one of these accredited brands.

After this step, it is now JAX Tyres’s obligation to ensure that the entire process of tire disposal within its massive system follows the TSA’s regulations and raises awareness about the tire issues, i.e. TSA accreditation requires JAX Tyres to protect the environment and function following the standards of the circular economy.

According to TSA’s senior representative, Dale Gilson, a number of opportunities can be provided by the organization as part of the project.

By deciding to become a part of TSA, JAX Tyres has demonstrated that tire retail segment in Australia requires to work more in order to tackle the threats that are posed to the environment as a result of unsustainable tire handling, Gilson believed.

In Australia only, more than 50 million scrap tires are generated annually. TSA is famous for its great contribution to tire recycling, collection and extensive study of how recycled tire rubber can be sustainably used in manufacturing.

JAX Quickfit Chief Executive Officer Jeff Board agreed that his company is now deeply concerned about the environment, as it is now committed to turn to sustainability principles in its operation.

The company is willing to keep on collaborating with TSA to be in charge of the tire issue in Australia, he added.

TSA was launched in Australia to help national retails develop markets for scrap tires and promote tire recycling and collection in the country.

Article by Waste Management Review