The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) suggests that Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) should be again authorized, so the extension of Tyre Stewardship Scheme for extra six years could become possible.

Tyre Stewardship Scheme is a national initiative seeking the ways to expand tire recycling and the application of merchandise produced with recycled tires within the state.

The program had been provided with the ACCC’s authorization in 2013 for the first time. TSA managed to direct $2 million into market research studying how and which kinds of new merchandise could be developed from recycled tires; these funds became available as a result of a levy that was imposed on tire importers.

According to ACCC Commissioner Roger Featherston, the program is expected to bring certain advantages to the society, such as decreased illegal tire-dumping and tire exports abroad where the materials are incinerated, as well as reduction of tire accumulations at landfills.

He said that Australia is capable of recycling tires and transforming them into valuable products including mattings for playgrounds and various surfaces.

Currently, TSA’s focus is to develop solid accreditation and to monitor industry’s players. Additionally, it is concerned with establishment of a verification process, which could identify where the tires would be exported abroad, Featherston further added.

Public will not experience any inconvenience because of the program, as the industry levy is estimated at 25 cents for each tire, which is a tiny percent of the overall retail price of tires. In addition, in a number of instances, the parties involved in the program preserve the right to deal with companies operating without accreditation.

Earlier, the commencement of the program had been postponed, however now it is about to be launched. TSA has already made some steps to accentuate on some issues regarding the initiative, and the organization is expected to keep on improving the tire recycling program via collaborating with the authorities and the parties involved, as well as attracting new members to it.

By being authorized by ACCC, the program is seeking to serve the interests of the public, not the other way around.

Featherston also said that the officials may elaborate on applying more efficient legislation if the tire recycling program will not result in substantial improvement after six years.

Meanwhile, the revised scheme is being assessed by the ACCC, Interim authorization was provided to TSA by the ACCC, which enables the continuation of the program.

Submissions from the stakeholders regarding draft determination are expected by the ACCC before it makes its decisive verdict.

Article source: Mirage News