Tyromer Devuldanization

Canadian based Tyromer, the marketing operating setup to sell the technology developed at Waterloo University by Dr. Sam Visaisouk and his team has met with some commercial success since March 2016.

In partnership with Canadian specialist compounders at Airboss, Tyromer’s devulcanised rubber has successfully been introduced to tyre compounding for specialists of the road tyres.

Airboss is a rubber compounder and specialist tyre manufacturer that serves the North American market with high quality OTR and specialist solutions. Technicians at Airboss took on the step of testing Tyromer in compounds and found that it performed as well as virgin rubber mixes and suffered little or no performance loss. In fact, they found that in the high abrasion environment of the mining and quarrying sector, tyres retreaded with a Tyromer modified compound actually performed above the norm. The project is still at the test and development stage, but a leading OTR tyre retreading operation is currently running tests on Tyromer modified retread materials and is reporting a positive response from its clients. 

This alone is good news for Dr. Sam Visaisouk, but he has even bigger news. A major Chinese tyre manufacturer has taken up Tyromer as an element in its tyre compounding operation. This is a critical development for Tyromer and probably for the wider devulcanisation sector.

The largest manufacturing country for reclaim rubber is China, but reclaim rubber is only used in non-technical rubber products and in what the Chinese call low-grade tyres. It is not used by any quality tyre manufacturer. So, the entry of Tyromer’s devulcanised rubber into tyre manufacturing in China is a landmark development. It opens the doors and as Tyromer becomes more successful, then so too will the wider devulc market.

Article source: Tyre and Rubber Recycling