unnamedTechnoBiz USA is organizing the 3rd Edition of the “USA Rubber Industry Forum 2016” to be held July, 18-22, 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA at the Crowne Plaza South Hotel. This year a number of improvements have been made for the benefit the engineers and managers in the rubber processing industries. Along with 3-day conference program with a special group discussion on technical issues we have included a number of focused educational courses including an improved version of exhibiting, which is open for all delegates as well as non-delegates. Additionally, the “USA Rubber Industry Executive Networking Dinner” is included as part of this forum. TechnoBiz has also initiated “USA Rubber Technologist 2016” Award to honor the dedicated rubber technologist who contributed to benefit the USA Rubber Industries. Below is a preliminary technical program. The event is focused on custom mixing and custom molding.

Conference Program Presentations (19-21 July 2016) (30 min each)
1. Increasing Mixing Efficiency by Tailored Raw Materials
2. Recent Developments using Soy Products in Rubber Formulations
3. Silicone Injection Molding for HCR Compounds
4. Effect of Filler Type and Mix Method on Abrasion Resistance
5. Vulcanization of Diene Rubbers – from the Basics to Application
6. Common Mistakes in Rubber Compounding and Processing
7. Continuous Final Mixing and Proportional Blending with Extruder Gear Pumps
8. Filler Blends to Optimize the Performance of Cable Compounds
9. Use of Operating TMPH rating System in Field Tire Quality Assessment and Control
10. Improving Rubber Performance with Naphthenic Plasticizers
11. Advances in Rubber Mixing: Studies on Engineered Inorganic Microsphere Process Aids
12. Next Generation TSR Products
13. Rotor Designs: Pleasant Surprises
14. Metal Oxides: A Primer in the Manufacture and Use of MgO, Cao and ZnO
15. Process Troubleshooting of Cryogenic Defects
16. Flash Buster Valve-Vent & Air-Poppit
17. Reasons to Celebrate Tool Cleaning in Rubber Molding
18. Rubber Molding: Where is the Progress?
19. Preparation and Dynamic Properties of an Anisotropic Natural Rubber Film
20. Effect of Rubber Inhomogeneity on Molecular Dynamics
21. Silicone Elastomers with Exceptional Elongation
22. Technology to Devulcanize Scrap Tire Rubber for Reuse in Tire Manufacturing

Special Group Discussions (21 July 2016): (45 min each)
1. Process Improvement in Rubber Molding
2. Silica Mixing
3. Experience with Process Automation in Rubber Processing
4. Cost Saving Opportunities in Rubber Processing
5. New Concepts in Rubber Mold Design

Educational Courses (18 & 22 July 2016) (90 min each) (Parellel Sessions)
1. Synergistic Effects of Accelerator Mechanisms to Shorten Cure Cycle and Increase the State of Cure
2. Increasing Mixing Efficiency by Functional Raw Materials
3. Influence of the Chemical Nature of Rubber on Rate and Efficiency of Cure
4. Silicone Rubber Chemistry & Technology
5. Rubber Mixing and Testing for Compound Consistency (Part 1 & 2)
6. Salient Aspects of Rubber Compounding
7. Good Compounding Practices (Part 1, 2, 3 & 4)
8. Internal Mixers and Mixing Parameters
9. Dynamic Durability and Life Time Prediction for Molded Parts
10. Essentials of Rubber Technology (Part 1 & 2)
11. Setting up a Rubber Molding Process
12. Basic Rubber Product Material Selection Overview
13. Selection of the Molding Process for Rubber Parts
14. Principles of Rubber Molding using Vacuum
15. Mold Fouling and Prevention
16. Nine Steps to Injection Molding Optimization
17. Rubber Rules & Behavior of Rubber
18. Registration, Tear-Trims, Over-Flows
19. Mold Preform Preparation, Storage, Handling, Placement
20. Energy Management for Rubber Molding
21. Cryogenic Deflashing
22. Cryogenic Deflashing Safety (Best & Worst Practices)
23. Rubber Compound Rheology and Mold Design

Corporate Sponsorship
The corporate sponsorship includes Table-Top Booth at Exhibition, Four Conference Delegates, Four Executive Dinner Tickets and Insertion of Logo in all Publicity Materials

Table-Top Exhibition (19-21 July 2016)
The Exhibition space is available for at least 30 companies. The companies with profiles on rubber raw materials & chemicals, machinery & equipment are invited to exhibit. The exhibition area is open for both delegates and non-delegates of USA Rubber Industry Forum. The Exhibition hours are 9am-5pm. All pre-registered rubber industry professionals and colleagues can visit exhibit area for FREE.

USA Rubber Industry Executive Dinner 2016 (19 July 2016)
TechnoBiz has initiated first “USA Rubber Industry Executive Dinner 2016” for networking among industry professionals and top management. The dinner will be held on 19 July 2016 (19.00-21.00 hrs).

TechnoBiz invites all rubber industry professionals and researchers to participate in this unique forum. Please download the program brochure and registration form at www.technobiz-usa.com.