Main Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Amandus Kahl (granulation line) + other manufacturers
  • Start of production: May 2012
  • Hours in operation: shredder – 8,600 h; granulation line – 12,830 h
  • Production capacity: shredder – 7.5 mt/h; granulation line – 3,5 mt/h
  • Maximum tire diameter: 1,5 meters
  • Location: Germany
  • Delivery time: prompt, upon agreement
  • Price: to be negotiated


Equipment List

  • 1 x Double wheel shredder with 2 x 12 scissor blades of 75 mm with 2 x 90 kW motors
  • 1 x Double wheel shredder with 2 x 18 scissor blades of 50 mm with 2 x 90 kW motors
  • 2 x disc screener for separation of oversize shreds
  • 8 x transport belts of different length
  • 1 x automatic control system mounted in 20 feet office container as operator room
  • 1 x hydraulic walking floor system for a bunker of 12 x 6 m size for automatic feeding of granulation plant
  • 4 x transport belts of different length for lifting of shreds to a feeding bin
  • 1 x feeding bin with speed controlled conveyor and sprocket tambour for insolated lifting of shreds from bin to transport belts
  • 2 x belt conveyor to feed the grinding press
  • 1 x complete Amandus Kahl granulation plant with flat die grinding press, conveyors, elevators, screw augers, screener, magnetic separators, Zig-Zag sifter, gravitation screening units, dust cyclones with fan and bucket filter, spark detection system with water spray fire extinguishing system, steel wire unloading system, 6 big-bag filling system
  • 2 x gravitation screening units with dust extraction filter
  • 3 x tumble screener for production of different fraction sizes


All equipment is in a good presentable condition and ready for a production test run.

The equipment can be used for rubber granule production, as well as for steel-free crumb rubber production for tire pyrolysis purposes. For such a utilization the production capacity will be 5.2 t/h.

Price, detailed photos, payment terms, installation and additional information are available on request. Write us today and receive full information about the used tire recycling equipment!

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