Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands, is home to some of the major Spanish footwear manufacturers. It is also a residence of Avarcas Menorquinas, traditional Spanish leather sandals. And what makes these sandals purely authentic are their soles made from end-of-life tire treads.

Christian Mesu who represents Trotamillas – a company who asserts they are the only manufacturer using original and non-processed tire treads for shoe soles – says that Avarca’s sandals would lose their face if there were no tire rubber. He explains that till 1950s footwear industry used original tire treads. Later on, steel wire was introduced into tires and that was the reason why the whole footwear industry switched away from the material.

Having an idea to revive the traditional footwear manufacturing approach, a tire recycler Gomavial Solutions from mainland Spain designed a new tire processing technology which enables to decompose tires by separating their layers. Thus, a tire tread can then be applied as a sole in newly-manufactured shoes.

Gomavial’s tire recycling factory is located in the north of Spain near San Sebastian. After tire treads are removed, Gomavial ships them to Menorca where shoe production takes place. According to the company, production volumes were rather small yet in 2016. However, the tire recycler expects to supply footwear manufacturers with 10 tons of tire treads in 2017.

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Article source: Recycling International