Key parameters of tire shredders

Input: one or two primary shredders for up to 16 tons/hour whole car and truck tire input capacity (70% car, 30% truck), truck tires will not be debeaded;
Output: One or two secondary shredders for 10 to 12 tons/hour output, smaller 25 mm crumb rubber.
Option 1: steel separated, option 2: with steel.
Other: Primary shredder ideally has a recirculation system included to produce the correct output size suitable for the secondary shredder. Not mandatory.

General site conditions

  1. Operating temperature
  2. The equipment must comply with the following site conditions:

    • Maximum ambient temperature in summer: 55 °C
    • Minimum ambient temperature in winter: 5°C
  3. Electrical information
    • Medium voltage supply:  11 kW(+/- 5%)
    • Low voltage supply: 415 VAC (+/- 5%) – 3-Phase + Neutral (Solidly Grounded)
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • Control Voltage: 24 VDC
    • Bus Communication: ControlNet
    • Degree of Protection: IP 55 for Motors
    • IP 65 for Field Instrumentation, Devices, Panels & Junction Boxes
    • IP21 for Panels mounted in Substation
    • Temperature Class: 55°C for all Motors, Panels and Devices mounted outdoors in the Field
    • 40°C for Panels mounted indoors, inside Electrical Substations
    • Insulation Class (for Motors): “F-Class”, with Temperature Rise limited to “B-Class”

The offer shall contain following information

  1. Details of the seller
  2. Geographical location of the equipment
  3. Full list of equipment incl. information about equipment manufacturer
  4. Year of manufacture
  5. Estimated working hours of both tire shredders
  6. Terms & conditions
  7. Input/output specifications
  8. Power requirements per piece of equipment
  9. Maintenance & spare parts costs
  10. Space recommendations
  11. References (if applicable)
  12. Equipment ready to install or refurbishing required?
  13. Is a trial run possible before purchasing?


Once qualified, the equipment will be purchased immediately. Funding in place.