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Month by month, our Weibold Academy series touches different topics from the world of tire recycling and highlights different sides of running this business. If you have missed our previous articles, you can find links in the end of this post.

Join tire recycling, pyrolysis and related groups in LinkedIn

This article explains how to connect with tire recycling communities online and which opportunities it gives to tire recycling businesses. Our practices show that this is an effective way to stay abreast of the recent news, as well as do business, and therefore we would like to share our recommendations with you.

Weibold’s experience shows that LinkedIn – a prominent professional networking platform – is by far the best social medium with numerous groups dedicated to rubber and tire recycling with active participants – professionals from this industry. Connecting with these online communities and groups enables you to receive important updates both about commercial and technical news in the industry and stay informed about business opportunities posted directly by companies.

Staying connected helps you establish business liaison with potential suppliers or customers in tire recycling or pyrolysis.

Below, we list several examples of the most active and largest groups dedicated to tire recycling, pyrolysis and related industries. We strongly recommend you subscribing to these groups.

Moreover, we strongly recommend you becoming a member of groups created by different associations focused on regional activities in recycling (e.g. Solid Waste Association of North America – SWANA). Usually, such groups have larger number of participants, over 10,000 professionals, which would increase reach of your inquiries and involve more people into discussion of your topics.

Asking technical questions in online tire recycling communities

When manufacturing complex products from recycled rubber, business can become rather challenging in terms of know-how and production techniques. To find solutions to numerous problems, join the LinkedIn groups, start discussions and find answers to your questions.

Receive regular updates about tire recycling industry

Tire recycling and pyrolysis companies who are members of the groups usually publish their press releases and the most useful news in LinkedIn networks. If you follow the group’s news, you will stay abreast of many interesting news and opportunities advertised by companies. You may also partake in discussions initiated by others and contribute to public knowledge.

Find potential customers or suppliers for products from recycled rubber

If you are searching for customers, suppliers, R&D partners, used tire recycling equipment, sponsors or investors, LinkedIn groups listed above are a perfect place to find them. In addition, the groups are a perfect place stay informed about events.

We are looking forward to seeing you as a new member and we hope you will have a fruitful experience with LinkedIn tire recycling and pyrolysis groups. As an active participant of the groups, Weibold will be glad to regularly deliver you news and important updates.

If you would like to upgrade your tire recycling business or launch a new one, Weibold will be happy to support you with comprehensive consulting services. Write us at!

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