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German WdK urges officials to support tire recycling despite stable scrap tire statistics

Advanced tire recycling regulations are in place in almost all developed industrial countries and usually one might think there are no significant challenges to the recycling in those states. However, this article demonstrates the opposite and highlights only some of the problems which tire recycling programs in the most of OECD countries confront with.

A recent article by Reifenpresse told about the Frankfurt-based German Rubber Industry Association (WdK), which has revealed that the annual amount of scrap tires in Germany is fixed at approximately 580,000 tons and has not seen any fluctuations.

After the release of GAVS tire statistics, the Technical Director of the WdK, Stephan Rau, urged officials to implement the collation agreement that calls for a more frequent use of recycled materials, in particular, recycled tire rubber. However, no action has been undertaken yet.


Rau noted that the products made from waste tires are often discriminated. However, he believes that the government should take measures to help the market for recycled products not only to survive, but to significantly develop.

WdK has been a long-term advocate for the appointment of Federal Commissioner for Raw Materials, and it believes that this step could be an effective solution.

In addition, it is anticipated that this step may lead to the increase of demand for recycled raw materials in Germany. Therefore, it will help tire recycling become a successful part of the circular economy concept.

In 2017, the overall number of waste tires was 584,000 tons with 229,000 tons being recycled into crumb rubber and rubber powder that were used in manufacturing of top-quality end products, such as artificial turf fields, insulation panels and other. 201,000 tons of waste tires were used as fuel by the cement industry. During the same year, Germany witnessed a 2.7% growth in newly registered vehicles.

Germany is not the only country which tries to find more uses for recycled materials. Circular economy concepts are being implemented in almost all advanced industrial countries. However, it is the pace of changes that really matters. To further improve the state of tire recycling in developed countries, concerted efforts of governments and the industry are needed.

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