In the end of August 2018, Weibold will attend CalRecycle 2018 California Tire Conference held in Sacramento, California. To schedule a meeting with our representatives, please write us at

The conference held on August 29-30 is recommended for those involved or interested in waste tire management, tire-derived products, waste tire regulations, etc.

Apart from great opportunities for networking, the event will provide visitors with the newest updates on the market of recycled rubber products, highlighting important trends of the tire recycling industry. The topics will include:

  • Tire Industry Current and Future Trends;
  • Tire Recycling Trends and Strategies in the U.S. and Europe;
  • California Waste Tire Market Trends from 2017;
  • Update on Crumb Rubber Studies;
  • Update on California Use of Rubber Asphalt and Tire-Derived Aggregate;
  • Developing New Tire-Derived Products and Markets;
  • Opportunities for Market Development Along the Border;
  • CalRecycle Grant Opportunities;
  • Case Studies in California-Made Tire Derived Products;
  • Evolving Approaches to Recycle and Reuse End-of-Life Synthetic Turf Systems;
  • Update on Tire Retreading;
  • Hot Topics to be selected by Stakeholders;
  • Overview of CalRecycle’s Waste Tire facility Permitting;
  • An Evening Networking Reception and Tire-Derived Product Manufacturers Table Top Displays.

Detailed agenda and registration guidelines are listed on the official website of the event.

If you are interested in meeting Weibold and receiving counselling about launching and successfully running tire recycling business, make sure to schedule a meeting with us! Please send your inquiry at