News from Tijuana, Mexico:

WILDCOAST has launched a Waste Tire Recycling Pilot Project in Tijuana on 12. May with project partners Secretary of Environmental Protection for the State of Baja California (SPA), GEN (Promotora Ambiental S.A. de CV) and supported by a grant from CalRecycle.


This innovative, collaborative project will be carried out from May 2016-April 2017 in partnership with the State Governments of Baja California and California with WILDCOAST as the project coordinator.

The goal of the project is to collect and recycle approximately 50,000 waste tires in the Tijuana-San Diego border region from May 2016 until April 2017.

During rain events, these waste tires flow into the Tijuana River through tributaries along the border, cross the international boundary, and eventually impact habitat and recreational resources the Tijuana River Valley and adjacent coastal ecosystems.

Additionally, the waste tires create habitat for the Aedes mosquito which can carry Zika virus, Yellow Fever and Dengue.

Source: The WILDCOAST Blog