Irish Mirror magazine reports that Meath County Council is investigating the illegal dumping of over 3,000 end-of-life tires on private forest land near Longwood Village, about 25 km from Dublin. According to the magazine, the incident took place on Thursday, January 12, and Friday morning/night.

The end-of-life tires would have been produced by tire manufacturers and/or fitters and dumped by 'unscrupulous waste collectors'. The is now expected to pay a hefty clean up fee of approximately €7,000 and the council is urging all private owners to secure their properties with gates and fences.

The municipality is urging all the businesses that manufacture or sell tires to visit to register their garage with Circol ELT. The businesses have to make sure that all the waste, including end-of-life tires, is sent to authorized waste collectors, always request paperwork of the garbage collecting permit and keep track of any collected end-of-life tires.

If anyone has any information regarding this illegal dumping incident, please contact Meath County Council Environment Section by email