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Since 1999, Weibold helps companies build successful tire recycling, pyrolysis and related businesses. We carried out 500+ tire recycling and pyrolysis projects worldwide and we will help you put your business on sustainable footing.

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Weibold offers Consulting Modules adapted to all the phases of a tire recycling or pyrolysis project. From concept and funding, to engineering development, construction, operation, marketing and sales. The Modules will benefit operators, investors and lenders, and operators in their strategy and execution.

Research Reports in Tire Recycling and Pyrolysis

500+ Successfully Built Businesses Since 1999

Since 1999, we carried out over 300 projects related to various sides of tire recycling and pyrolysis, e.g. molded goods production, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), rubberized asphalt, value-added pyrolysis products, superficial modification of crumb rubber, etc. Our main clients are tire recycling plants, tire manufacturers, tire collectors, pyrolysis operators, waste management contractors, researchers and laboratories, investors, etc.

Weibold's Reports

Weibold is conducting trend, market and technology studies for Clients around the globe. Our Clients include plant operators, investors, lenders, recycling associations, technology providers, and product manufacturers. Now selected cross sections of the knowledge we have collected and pooled in our research database is available for recycling strategists and operators looking for innovations and trends on specific subjects in world-wide markets.

Consulting Report

Report: Global Tire Pyrolysis Market Update, Trends & Technology Suppliers 2024

A high-level market survey on the tire pyrolysis industry and market (production volumes by regions), convergence of global trends, major partnerships and the state of the top technology manufacturers. This report contains: 1) Introduction & Executive Summary; 2) Status Tire Pyrolysis Industry (market volume year-to-date, estimated market volume next year, number of pyrolysis plants by region, etc); 3) Global Trends; 4) High-level overview of Technology Suppliers; 5) High-level overview of Downstream Technology Suppliers; 6) Overview about Industry Best Practices

Price: upon request

Consulting Report

Report: The Business of Tire Devulcanization 2024

This tire devulcanization report contains: a detailed introduction to tire devulcanization, taking into consideration the complete product spectrum; a section about understanding the tire devulcanization technology; it will inform about the production process and describe the different equipment types; a list of the major components to be included in a tire pyrolysis plant’s process, including pre-processing; an overview of the markets for tire devulcanization output products; an overview of the major players (technology providers and operators) around the world, summarised by global regions; a general summary of the current and future trends and innovations in the devulcanization industry (this section will include high level economic considerations based on industry successes).

Price: upon request


Tire Pyrolysis Stakeholders Database 2024

Who’s who in tire pyrolysis – a database of stakeholders in tire pyrolysis with focus on technology developers and operators of pyrolysis plants, spanning all players in the value chain. Weibold continuously surveys the global industry and maintains a database of the stake holders in tire pyrolysis. Focus is given to technology developers and operators of pyrolysis plants, but the entries span all players in the value chain. It includes relevant associations, public and private funding entities, significant off-takers, research institutions, and regulatory authorities. Listings contain not only metadata such as key contact names, internet links, addresses and contact information, but also – where applicable – technology categories, production capacities, actual sales volumes, and a subjective judgement on the readiness of the entities as industrial scale players.

Excerpts of the database can be purchased including a summary of capabilities of operators and technology suppliers, categorized by size, region, capacity, technology type, and product/service type. Database drafts are delivered in PDF report format and as an Excel file with a user license allowing searching, filtering, and sorting of the data using common Excel functions.

Price: upon request

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To provide insight into how tire recycling and pyrolysis work, what opportunities of this business are and how to start out, Weibold offers paid webinars. General information on tire recycling and pyrolysis is available in frequently asked questions.

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