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Plant Improvements or Upgrades


Get recommendations for process improvements and/or equipment modifications to create higher value pyrolysis products (e.g. rCB, fuel oil, etc.), improve margins, increase throughput, or operate under better HSE standards.

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Pyrolysis Plant Upgrade


Operators of existing pyrolysis plants constantly strive to improve their process and their products. Weibold’s Pyrolysis Plant Improvement consulting services will assess your existing pyrolysis installations and product results and provide you with options and recommendations for modifications or additions to the equipment and processes currently in use.

For pyrolysis operators of certain Chinese batch processing equipment installations, Weibold has a special low cost program that will enhance the product, increase the throughput and allow a cleaner, safer, continuous mode of operation. Please contact us for details.

Your Benefits

Depending on the objective(s) chosen at the start of the service, you will be able to derive one more of the following benefits:

  • Better, more marketable rCB products
  • Improved, more stable, pyrolysis oil and fuel products (especially better sulfur content levels)
  • Increased throughput (up to 3x to 4x for batch to continuous pyrolyis mode conversions)
  • Higher product profit margins due to better product pricing and/or lower OPEX
  • Lower maintenance costs and higher longevity and reliability of your pyrolysis equipment
  • Better Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) qualifications for your pyrolysis operation

Our Approach

Weibold will first perform a detailed analysis of the pyrolysis equipment and processes currently in use. We will then draw on experiences gained from pyrolysis operators world-wide and a large database of suppliers to list options for solutions for the stated objectives. Both technical and economic factors will be considered. A final report will be issued listing and ranking available options and a recommending a course of action.

Discover New Markets for Pyrolysis Products

Are you thinking of improving the profit margins of your pyrolysis operation? New products for new markets are constantly being developed around the world. Find out how you can achieve higher revenues and achieve higher margins on your tonnage output by adding new value-add steps in your process!

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Examples of Weibold's Work

Weibold is conducting trend, market and technology studies for Clients around the globe. Our Clients include plant operators, investors, lenders, recycling associations, technology providers, and product manufacturers. Now selected cross sections of the knowledge we have collected and pooled in our research database is available for recycling strategists and operators looking for innovations and trends on specific subjects in world-wide markets.


Value Adding Technologies for oil & rCB in Tire Pyrolysis

Weibold's Technology Evaluation study will shed light on types of techniques and machinery to enhance quality of recovered carbon black (rCB) and pyrolysis oil. Apart from quality enhancement opportunities, the document will list technologies required to produce consumer goods from tire pyrolysis materials. Recycling tires into materials such as steel-free crumb rubber and fine rubber powder used to be a profitable venture; however, due to market saturation in developed economies, tire recycling companies might want to shift their focus from raw materials to potentially higher-priced consumer goods made from recycled rubber or even virgin rubber which can be replaced by tire-derived materials.

Price: upon request


Market Study on Future Trends in Tire Pyrolysis

The contents of the Market Research are carefully adjusted to the individual situation of the Client and requirements of the project. The document incldes a comparative overview of traditional tire pyrolysis products, production methods, value adding technologies, and highlights advantages and disadvantages between each type of products.

Price: upon request


OTR Tire Pyrolysis & Devulcanization Technology Assessment

In the document, Weibold considers the latest developments world-wide in OTR tire pyrolysis and rubber devulcanization technologies. The result of work is a detailed list of technology suppliers qualified for the project and fulfilling its special requirements a) the methods for processing, b) the technical readiness level, c) successful references, d) logistical considerations (weight/volume vs. capital investment), e) and to what extent this application could be applied to the Client's specific situation.

Price: upon request