Recently, a joint venture was formed by Pyrolyx AG from Munich, Germany and Reklaim, Inc. based in Seattle, USA. New JV is going to focus at the tire-derived carbon black recovery and will operate in North America. German Pyrolyx AG owns 81% of Pyrolyx USA, Inc. At new facilities throughout North America, the JV will use manufacturing process from the German parent company. Moreover, Pyrolyx USA will be run by German top management. Location of facilities and the volume of investment are not disclosed yet.

The company will recover carbon black (rCB) from end-of-life tires and rubber. Reportedly, the company is going to suggest a sustainable and cost-effective substitute to original carbon black which will be well-suited for numerous rubber and plastics applications, including even tire compounders.

Three days later from the JV announcement, European Rubber Journal reported that Thorsten Gohlke, The chairman of Pyrolyx AG‘s supervisory board, was going to step down at the next annual general meeting of the company for personal reasons. The date for the next annual general meeting has not yet been given, but the last meeting was held in August 2016.

Article by ASSSA.