Ambipar announced the acquisition of the assets and industrial waste management contracts of Blue Ambiental Reciclagem de Borracha do Nordeste through the indirect parent company Ambipar Waste to Energy. Blue Ambiental is a tire, and waste rubber processor, part of the tyre industry reverse logistics, which operates in the Ceará market and which, in the last 12 months, processed more than 4,500 tons of tires and rubber.

According to Ambipar, the operation is consistent with the company's strategic growth plan and aligned with the purpose of promoting circular economy, with greater geographic presence and potential to capture synergies.

“The acquisition allows us to expand our presence in the Northeast region with a focus on reverse logistics for tires and rubbers that are no longer used, strengthening the offer of solutions for total waste management”, says the company in the statement sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Also according to Ambipar, the acquisition will not be submitted for shareholder approval, considering that the price paid does not exceed 1.5 times the highest amount provided for in the company's bylaws.

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