Liberty Tire Recycling, a big tire recycling company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, United States has presented a new dry-mix rubber additive labelled SmartMIX that can boost asphalt paving. The producer claims it can result in longer asphalt service and, durability and crack resistance.

The product fully relies on scrap tires and does not require liquid modifiers. According to the manufacturer, all necessary tests have been already conducted to prove the quality of the product and start commercializing it. As a result of tests, Liberty reports, the company found that the product has excellent performance in various climates and can be used for large and small paving projects.

East Lake Lansing Road Paving Project by Liberty Tire Recycling | Video: courtesy of Liberty Tire Recycling.

The company also praised the product’s cost-efficiency as it could cut half the price spent on modifiers. Liberty Tire Recycling emphasized that the company values scrap tire recycling and through its activities it cuts carbon dioxide emissions – according to Liberty, “recycling only four tires reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 323 pounds, and one lane-mile of rubberized asphalt can use up to 1,600 tires”.

Press release by Liberty Tire Recycling.