Recently, Tire Industry Research and its CEO David Shaw – acknowledged industry expert with over 30 years’ experience at analysing and commenting on the global tire and rubber industry – published interesting analysis on tire & road wear particles (TRWP).

Industry briefing on TRWP

Because the issue of TRWP is now such a hot topic across the industry, Tire Industry Research has prepared some briefing notes on the subject. This was necessary because a lot of the commentary in the public domain contradicts the latest science and appears to be confusing – and possibly meant to confuse.

In preparing these notes, Tire Industry Research spoke to a series of scientists working for academic institutions, government research agencies and specialised commercial research companies as well as tire industry representatives.

There is a strong view among the more independent researchers that the tire industry is responsible for much of the confusion and misunderstandings in this field.

The tire industry position is set out clearly at this website: Be aware that this project is funded entirely by tire makers and that independent researchers dispute many of the claims made there.

A less controversial perspective from the ETRMA is set out at this website.

Tire Industry Research sets out to answer these key questions:

Read the full analysis by Tire Industry Research here.