The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) revealed in its new report on the NR trends observed in March this year that the global manufacturing dropped slightly over 5 percent.

In overall, the production of NR was estimated at 2.989 million tons. This declining trend was attributed to cold weather and predominantly low rubber prices set in a number of countries by agrarians. Moreover, the report mentioned leaf fall disease that targeted South Sumatra alleging that this could have negatively impacted the NR production.

The NR market has been volatile recently due to lingering US-China trade raw that bring the world economy into uncertainty. Thus, rubber prices failed to stabilize.

Speaking about global consumption of NR during March, the report said that it fell by 0,4 percent to 3,380 million tons. This led to the physical NR prices soar reaching US$1.45 per kg.

Article by ANRPC.