The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) has released the Natural Rubber Trends, August 2021.

Below we cite the original press release by ANRPC from September 20, 2021.

Referring to the updates from the ANRPC member countries, the outlook for world demand on natural rubber (NR) is estimated to grow by 9.3%, on a year-to-year basis, to 14.100 million tons in 2021. The revised outlook is attributed to a better anticipated demand from China, India, Thailand and Vietnam during the year. While the world production revised to 13.860 million tons with 2.0% growth as compared to the previous year. Apart from the market fundamental in NR, physical rubber prices were also influenced by other external factors such as development in oil sector, inventories in regional futures markets, strength of exporting NR countries and any other regional political developments.

ANRPC highlights that both physical and futures NR markets have posted downward price trends during August 2021. Despite such downward trends, the average FOB price in block rubber market have improved this month. The average FOB price of STR-20 rose US$0.11 per kg to US$1.72 per kg, while the SMR-20 price improved US$0.09 per kg to US$1.73 per kg during the reference period.

The same observations also shared in rubber sheet markets, however the price deviation between RSS-3 in Bangkok and RSS-4 in Kottayam have widened further approximately US$0.60 per kg during August 2021 as compared to US$0.50 per kg recorded in July 2021.

Press release by ANRPC.