Progress has been made in the talks to achieve the recycling of end-of-life tires (ELT) in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment and human health caused by ELT as solid waste from the Environmental Management Directorate of the Municipality of Franck (FIMA).

The administration has developed partnerships with Worms Argentina, a company that specializes in processing tires to create the raw materials needed to develop new goods like granulated rubber, steel, fabrics, flooring, tiles, posts, wires, speed bumps, and drainage.

The ELT will be stored in the F.I.M.A environmental complex, which will serve as a Temporary Collection Centre, in accordance with the brand and kind of each unit. Software will be used for this purpose to assure the waste's traceability.

Worms Argentina will then gather them based on their environmental conditions, risk factors, dangerous characteristics, or potential for environmental harm.

“This is one more environmental policy that we have implemented from the Commune, which will allow us to considerably reduce the environmental impact generated by the disposal of tire waste in landfills or in the open air, which has become one of the most serious environmental problems worldwide. We will also be promoting the generation of new products through different recycling processes," the president of the municipality said.

In addition, the Commune will be able to store locally produced ELT in a temporary collection facility (F.I.M.A.), for which the corresponding final disposal certificates will be issued. It should be noted that the Commune conducts differentiated household waste collection every day of the week, designating Wednesdays for the collection of ELT.

Article by Mirador Provincial.